1)  Who owns the leased equipment or vehicle ?

    As the Lessor, Falcon Sales and Leasing would be the owner until the Lessee buys out the leased asset.

    2) Approvals on leases.

    Credit approvals are done in-house. This process depends on your credit history or how long you have been in business,  your income, etc … all factors reviewed for lease approvals

    3) Borrowing money or leasing

    Leasing has several advantages . With leasing you conserve your cash flow and maximize your tax write-off’s, it’s a source of credit

    4) Can I skip a payment?

    No, regular payments are expected based on the agreed upon terms.

    5) Can my new company lease a vehicle and/or equipment ?

    Yes, this is possible, based on credit and collateral.

    6) Can I terminate my lease before the end of the term?

    We analyze all such requests, and can discuss how this can be accomplished.

    7) How is the lease rate determined?

    The lease rate depends on your credit score and/or, how many years you have been in business as well as length of lease term.

    8) Can I move my leased equipment to another province?

    Yes this is possible. Call us to discuss.

    9) What is the dollar range we will lease ?

    Typically we entertain lease deals ranging from $10,000 to $150,000

    10) Who can sign the lease?

    The lease must to be signed by the Lessee. Where the Lessee is a business, the signer is usually an officer of the company.

    11) Who services the equipment or vehicle?

    You as the lessee would be responsible for all maintenance and repairs not covered by warranty.

    12) What are lease end options?

    You can trade in your vehicle / equipment with us or a vehicle dealer / equipment vendor. Trade-in valuations are then discussed and addressed.

    13) Provinces?

    We provide leases in MB, SK and AB.

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