Leasing Information

Benefits of Leasing

Tax advantages – Lease payments may offer great tax advantages with 100% tax deductible payments.

Conserve cash flow – Conserve your cashflow, why pay cash for depreciating assets?

Complete financing – We will finance beyond your credit limit with your financial institution therefore more cash is available to you!

Budget control – Old equipment and dated vehicles require signifcantly more maintenance costs and decrease operational efficiency with breakdowns.

Warranty – New equipment offers warranty protection and decreases maintenance costs.

Growth – Your business is growing and needs more durable and efficient equipment that fits your needs and wants.

Frequency of lease payments – We can tailor the lease payments based on your cashflow, monthly, semi annually, quarterly, yearly.

Leasing with Falcon Sales & Leasing

Shopping – Shopping for a new car or new equipment can be very time consuming. We can assist you in this process.

Buying power – We often have better buying power than occasional lessors and buyers, this can save you money!

Fleet pricing – Are you in the trade business construction, plumber, electrician etc? You may be entitled to fleet pricing.

Terms – We offer leases ranging from 12 to 72 months.

Automatic payments – All lease payments are pre-authorized therefore administrative tasks are minimized.

Early termination – We allow our clients the flexibility of buying out their lease at any time during the lease term.

End lease and stretch lease – Most leases have buyouts at the conclusion of the lease.Payments can continue until the buyout is fully paid.

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